5 Tips for Windy Deer Hunting

Most hunters curse a strong wind, as it makes deer jumpy and head for cover. But there are lots of ways you can use the wind to your advantage.

  1. Walk into the Wind

Mark which way the wind is blowing and approach (still hunt) from the opposite direction. By moving into the wind, your scent is being carried away from where you are going and what is front of you.


  1. Setting up in the Wind

If you are going to sit down and wait for a while, make sure the wind isn’t being carried to where you are expecting to see a deer. For example, if you find a game trail and decide to wait nearby, make sure the wind is not carrying your scent across or down the trail.


  1. Wind is Loud

When the wind is blasting, deer are on high alert. They don’t like it when they can’t hear well – one of the reasons they head for cover in the bush. The wind can cover the sound of your movements. Use loud wind to your advantage.


  1. Don't get Discouraged

Many hunters say you will see less deer on a windy day, but deer don’t vanish just because air is moving faster than normal. Whether its windy, snowing or raining, deer still need to find food and water. They may change their movements a bit and stay closer to cover, but they will still be moving around.


  1. Dress for Wind

Other than the typical windproof jacket and pants, bring something to cover your face and ears. Strong gusts can dry your squinting eyes and make them constantly water, so wear glasses or even try goggles. You don’t want tears blurring how well you can see through your scope at critical moments.


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