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Storing your hunting rifle or shotgun safely at home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The basic concept is to store your firearm safely to prevent accidents and deter loss or theft. First things first: always store your firearm unloaded. Store your ammunition separately or lock it in the same secure container or room.

Consider these options for safe storage:

  • Lock your firearm in a secure cabinet, container or room; or
  • Attach a disabling lock, such as a trigger lock or a cable lock that runs through the open action (these locks disable the firearm so it cannot be fired); or
  • Remove the bolt assembly and store it in a different location (removing the bolt disables the firearm so it cannot be fired).

Trigger locks are one of the most economical ways to store firearms. Trigger locks can be bought in bulk, so you have only one key to open multiple locks.

You can buy cable locks from your local outdoor retailer. Or, make your own with a strong cable (e.g. airplane cable) and fastener from a hardware store.

Gun safes are fireproof and extremely hard to break into or move—the downside is they tend to oversized and pricey. Most firearm owners prefer smaller storage units that hold multiple firearms, which are less expensive and easy to find. You can even secure these storage units to the framing of a building to deter theft.

Homemade storage is also an option. Old school lockers or tool cabinets can be easily converted to hold firearms and cleaning supplies.

If you choose to display your firearm in a glass cabinet or on the wall, you must use a disabling lock such as a trigger or cable lock, and store the ammunition separately.

Remember, no matter where you store firearms, make sure it is a dry environment. If you have high humidity or a damp basement, use moisture-wicking desiccant bags to ensure your firearms don’t rust, pit, or suffer damage to the wood or stock.

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