In the Kitchen

Knowing how to harvest protein is a great skill, but wasted if you don't know what to do with it once you're ready to use it. The recipes here will make that protein into something spectacular for the whole family. As the season progresses, we will be adding more recipes.

Also, Ducks Unlimited has a wide range of waterfowl recipes that you can check out here. You might also check out Cornell University’s The Wild Harvest TableThis site has everything from Snow Goose Enchiladas to Venison Liverwurst and everything in between.

Cinque Terre
Slow Cooker Elk Rib


Cinque Terre
Wild Goose Gumbo


Cinque Terre
Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Goose


Cinque Terre
Jalapeno Duck or Goose Poppers


Cinque Terre
Duck Roll Ups


Cinque Terre
Easy Big Game Burritos


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