3 Tips for Cleaning Snow Goose

Make sure you get the most out of your harvested snow geese by being prepared to clean them. A little thought and a few extra hands will make the final steps a whole lot faster and easier!

1. Time is a wastin'!

Warm snow geese are easier to clean. In fact, you can pull the skin off a warm bird in seconds, especially once you've had a little practice. Make sure you're pulling skin, not feathers (snow geese have no shortage!), or you'll be dealing with loose down.

2. Use the sharpest knife in the drawer.

A sharp knife makes all the difference when breaking down birds. It cuts easily through skin, and helps you remove meat right to the bone and separate joints. A sharper knife means less waste and less time, so you can get your meat in the freezer quickly.

3. Teamwork makes the job easy.

Set up an assembly line. One person can focus on the breast meat, another on legs and thighs, and a third person can be in charge of bagging and labeling. If you're processing birds in the field, remember, to transport birds home you must leave a fully-feathered wing attached.

Check out our how-to videos for more tips, including Breasting a Goose for Transport.