Buy a Firearm Secondhand

In Alberta (and the rest of Canada) you can buy and sell firearms directly between anyone who holds a valid Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL). You can complete your transaction in person or by phone, email, or fax (although the latter may not be as common anymore!).

If you’re the seller, cover your bases: certify the buyer has a valid Possession Acquisition Licence for the class of firearm being purchased. A photocopy of the front and back of the licence either emailed or faxed is generally considered sufficient. If you’re questioning a licence’s validity, phone the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program. They can help you verify if the licence is valid.

Non-restricted firearms can be delivered to the new owner immediately. There’s no waiting—even for a first-time firearms purchase. With a valid Possession Acquisition Licence in hand, you are eligible to receive firearms.