Is Your Rifle Ready for Big Game Season?

Do you remember where you ended last season? Was your rifle and scope still on target? Have you been back to the range? Those are some rapid-fire questions, but these are just a few that need to be answered every year before hunting. Making sure your rifle is ready should be part of your fall ritual, just like purchasing your hunting license.

1. Thoroughly inspect your rifle each year.

Give your hunting rifle an annual inspection and checkup before hunting season. Many hunters will say their rifles are always on target, and they never need to worry about checking the exact point of impact each year. Unfortunately, many factors can wreak havoc with your rifle, scope or mounts, causing your equipment to be off target. Humidity can cause swelling in a wood rifle stock and screws can work themselves loose for various reasons. Check your equipment before ever taking a shot at a live animal. You owe it to the game you want to harvest.

2. Shoot. Then shoot some more.

Shooting will hone your skills and make you more confident and consistent in the field. Try to shoot once a month. More is certainly worth applauding. You’ll see a remarkable increase in your accuracy. At the very least, make a single trip to the shooting range before your first day of hunting. Shooting is not about being complicated—it’s about being consistent. Check out this article for tips on how to sight in your rifle.


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